Students' Pan IIT Alumni Relations Cell

''We are each other's harvest,
We are each other's business,
We are each other magnitude and bond.''

The vision of the Indian Institutes of Technology has been to contribute to India and the world by imrovising scientific and technical education in India, to generate enormous research opportunities and to remain a source of pride for all Indians. Students' Pan IIT Alumni Relation Cell i.e., SPARC is an umbrella organization covering student executed alumni relation bodies of all the Indian Institutes of Technology. SPARC is an initiative that aims at providing a strong fraternity amongst the IIT alumni such that the human potential successfully developed to its fullest in the course of years can be helpful to a much larger scale in grooming the next generation of IITians.

Benefits of SPARC
  • With its enormous number of alumni who have excelled in their respective fields which range from Science and Technology to Entertainment and Arts, there will be an upcoming generation of IITians who have learned from the experiences of these alumni. SPARC will make this happen at a scale larger than ever and thus help developing the nation.

  • "An IDEA can change your life". SPARC also aims in formation of "Students' PAN IIT Alumni Relation Cell" to help the alumni and students interaction grow and prosper so that great ideas can be shared and improved and hence, executed.

Student Alumni Meet '17 - Mumbai

Student Alumni Meet '16 - Bangalore

One of the glances from our first event, Students' Alumni Meet in Bangalore. Owing to the huge response received from the students as well as the alumni, SPARC will come up with more such events and programmes in the future.

Dean's Meet '17

Future Initiatives