17th Annual Alumni Meet

10th to 12h January, 2020

We live our day to day lives oblivious to the beauty that surrounds us and by the time we do realise what exactly it is that we've been blessed with, it's generally too late. However when the good ol' days call yet again, nostalgia surrounds us as we walk the hallowed boulevards of our youth. The Annual Alumni Meet brings to our alumni a chance to reconnect with their Alma Mater. It lets them relive the carefree days of their college lives as they get a chance to visit all the locations they once frequented.

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16th Annual Alumni Meet

11th to 13th January, 2019

The 16th Annual Alumni Meet was organised from 11th to 13th January, 2019 at our Institute campus. This year the batch of 1969, the batch of 1979 and the batch of 1994 were the special guests of honor. The Meet is now a major event anticipated by both the alumni and the students. As the years pass by and winds of change keep blowing, the Alumni Meet too shall keep evolving with the pace of time, hoping to bring to the alumni an experience that they may cherish all their lives.

Grand Reunion

Students' Alumni Cell recently organised 16th Annual Alumni Meet which was a fun and fascinating trip down the memory lane that gave our alumni an opportunity to see old friends again and catch up with them. They came across places and stories that were almost forgotten. Some things changed, some stayed the same. After some great conversation, all those years wherein they had not seen each other seem to just fade away. You would never want to miss the excitement and renewed camaraderie during the reunion.


The Arena unveiled itself in all its glory on Day 1 of the 16th Annual Alumni Meet. What took months of planning and diligent execution was finally ready to welcome the alumni. For the first time, Chai-Cheddis-Charcha was introduced wherein the alumni shared their old memories with us. During the time of illumination, the arena had a spectacular view. Without any doubt, Arena has always been the charm of the Alumni Meet.

Department Visit

Sweet and salty memories of slogging in labs, fighting sleep and attempting to learn is something that all our departments gave us. If IIT Kharagpur was a temple of knowledge then our department is where the main shrine of this temple resides. A visit back to this shrine is sure to bring back the blended feelings of hard work, procrastination, learning and excitement.

Musical Night

Music has been the one thing common in our lives. It has always helped us connect with people. So, taking a trip back to memory lane, Students' alumni cell presented Eastern Technology Music Society that took our alumni back, straight to their KGP days. The Alumni exercised their vocal chords and sang, just like they used to do in their college days.

Hall Visit

Every KGPian shares a strong bond with their Hall. Visiting a place where we spent the 4 most important years of our life is a stimulus enough to send shivers down our body. The place where we learnt and lived is sure to have latched a fragment of our soul inside it. To come back to our hall of residence is nothing less than a reunion of the parts of our soul. The alumni got the chance to walk through the corridors and reminisce the impressions that they left.

Campus Tour

In the progressive world we live in, there are a lot of changes and yet a lot of constants remain too. The pleasure pulses kick in when we get to see the same old buildings and roads lying in harmony with the new developments all around. Campus Tour is our way of showing the 2200 acre campus in a nutshell and highlighting all the major developments around.


Smiles can cast the most powerful spell of love and happiness. With Kenny Sebastian taking the tough task to fill the open air theatre with a burst of laughter, the event became one of the most talked about event of the meet. The alumni as well as the students had a great time laughing their heart out.


An evening of Euphoria as the name suggests fills the hearts of all the people present with a sense of serenity and calm. The Illumination with diyas followed by the release of sky lanterns creates an aura of happiness all around. With all this we move to the DJ night around the bonfire that beautifully escalates the emotions all around and the alumni do "shake a leg".

2.2 Marathon

The iconic marathon track that our campus possesses is inviting enough for everyone to run their problems off. With the alumni coming back after such a long time the Institute fails not to teach them a thing or two again with the run for health in the 2.2 marathon organized early in the morning. Students and alumni run together to foster the spirit of good health and harmony.

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